The office bag you want

Wednesday 08 August, 2018 |

We always have sudden emergencies in the office. We have an appointment with our customers to meet at a nearby coffee shop.

Can you pick it up and go,and now you wonder I need a backpack.When people are outdoor,they always need some things by their side.

You might think about where to put your phone or laptop,now you see you need a backpack to cover your problem.

Backpack loaded my life and history, a person, wandering to a distant place, to see the world, how wonderful, how helpless in the end.

White clouds and dogs, the vicissitudes of the sea and the fields, walking alone for more than two years, from grass to flower, from the mountain stream across the plain, lost a few rounds of sun and moon, old my face.

I don't know how long such a trip will take, nor where the destination will be,I take care of myself and my backpacks.

A person's journey is a dream? But what seems to be missing, I know, that is missing a once in the heart of the hope. Now travel, perhaps more is a kind of escape. No one is right or wrong about the failure of feelings, only the origin is exhausted.

Let go of the shackles in front of you, a person, and go and sing, to continue a distant dream in the bottom of my heart and my backpack

Take your world from MYSTICBASPRO,take it and hold it. To color the next thing you see,to sing with next passenger you meet,to carry your dream moving on. With youy happiness and joy,with your sadness and tears,with your courage and peace of mind. Go with it,fly with it,touch it feel it.

This is what you need,this is what we all need.

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