Q: What payment methods do you accept

 A: We accept VISA / MASTERCARD safely processed * * through our trusted merchant account and verified. You can see that our site is secure and encrypted by SSL when you are asked to enter your information when ordering. Your order will be processed safely and securely.Please note, due to the large amount of deceptive fraud on the Internet, we can only send to the billing address that is listed with your credit card company. Shoe attempts shipped to the address that is not on the file with your credit card company will result in a declined transaction.


Q: What is the return policy?

 A: If you are not satisfied with the shoes you receive from us, please contact us within seven days of receiving your shoes. It is our responsibility to provide each customer with complete satisfaction - No questions asked!Please make sure the shoes have not been worn at all before sending them back to us. I repeat: the shoes must be unworn or we refuse your refund. After receiving the returned package and checking the shoe to be in its original condition, we will refund the purchase price directly from the credit card you paid with it. Customers are required to pay the return charge on all returns.Please ask us the return address, do not return to the original address, coz there will be no one out there taking care of return / exchange or refund.


Q: Do you also do wholesale or wholesale?

A: On the website, we can offer wholesale or bulk. Please understand because of the rarity of this shoe we can not guarantee wholesale offers on all styles, but we will work hard to satisfy all customers' needs. For more information, please contact us.


Q: Why shoes on your site much cheaper than other websites

A: The online environment is competitive kicking. There are many established providers out there with years of customer experience and repeat supporting their success. We are a new entry to the game shoe and we want to stay here for a while. Because of our desire for success, we take a chance by reducing our profits and losses by taking to generate customer loyalty - we know once you buy a pair of shoes from us, you will not shop elsewhere .

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